Industrial Profile

Creator Insight

Following the lives of fashion creators

The Loop will conduct interviews with creators from the likes of designers, retailers, photographers, to even buyers themselves. Find out insider details on what makes a great fashion product, and how successful names pave their path.

We want the industrial profiles to have a strong presence through video channels such as YouTube and Vimeo. From there we will work on publishing to V.O.D. (Video-on-demand), livestreams, and other mainstream channels for our audiences.

Visual: Justin Chew interview by Streething

Workshops and Masterclasses

Opportunities for audience to participate with creators
Nelissa Hilman introduction video
The Loop would not be complete without its audience. We intend to gain revenue by running community events such as workshops and masterclasses run by capable industry members. With a physical presence, we are one step closer to fulfilling the main goal of connecting the designers with the consumers.

The Loop can follow example from startup communities that run active events at venues such as Impact Hub, Mindvalley, and The Co.

Visual: Nelissa Hilman’s atelier.

Panel Discussions

Get personal with creators
One of the special Loop events would be running and documenting panel discussions between creators, and industry professionals. What would you want to know is delivered, from the success of Pestle & Mortar in retail, to how Vincent Paul Yong’s or Bibo Aswan’s photography process is like, or how our designers are reacting towards latest collections from the rest of the world.

Visual: Runway 2.0 (2015)

Photo of panel discussion at Runway 2.0