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An Archival Gateway to Local Fashion

In a nutshell, what is the Loop?

Welcome to Loop Twenty Five, Malaysia’s industrial digital archive for local fashion. The Loop is to be built as a connected hub for local designers to publish and market their stories. Being if not the first, the only digital archive that accumulates local fashion creators for collaborative projects. The projects will be visual from editorials, fashion films, industry insights, to interactive online media (HTML5 content).

Visual: Lee Alexander McQueen by SHOWstudio

From the Team

What's wrong with the current state of digital presence in local fashion?

When we built this web piece we didn’t think it would have been difficult to source out our content. Unfortunately that is the state of things, when we found out that a majority of Malaysian fashion brands do not upkeep their digital presence, to the extent of not having the least bit of a blog or a Facebook page.

This difficulty pushed us to source labels from within social media hosts such as Instagram, swimming through pools of photos from either influencers or photographers just to find it. Most of them are disorganized and devalued for the lack of exposure. A vast collection of content for our presentation are processed personally by the team, from extraction all the way to remasters.

When we couldn’t find local content (we wanted all our references to be local at first) we would pad some stories with relevant data from outside of Malaysia. Personally we think the hurdle of building these pages themselves are worth an argument to the current state of digital presence for Malaysian fashion designers.


The Loop's Divisions

Learn about the three cores that generate The Loop

Our main reference would be to emulate UK’s very own SHOWstudio, run by Nick Knight. We will divide The Loop into three cores; focusing on Industrial Profile, Archival Profile, and Collaborative Profile.

Think of our system like a giant digital portfolio, or a library for almost everything regarded to Malaysian local fashion industry.

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We want to focus on these three disctinctive departments first, as they are all equally important to establishing the digital presence of the designer. We’ll set up a department called the Industrial Profile that connects the audience with designers personally. Designers can author or appear in stories, as well as participate in events with our audience.

Each designer is entitled to sign up for an Archival Profile. We don’t want to run into the same problem again, we’ll give them space to host their collections and looks in our archive. In the long run, we want the Loop’s Archival Profile to be regarded as an industry standard, as a prestige. It would also be a go-to location for stockists / buyers that want to filter and compare easily.

Our most visual presentation lies with the Collaborative Profile. This is where we build more content to maintain the designers’ digital presence. We want the Loop to be the number one hub for publishing beautiful content such as Tsyahmi’s The Immortal’s Last Sigh, instead of leaving the public having a hard time finding it.

About the Team

Learn more about the co-founders of The Loop
Jun Sugimoto

Jun Sugimoto

Chief Executive Officer
Seed enthusiast Jun Sugimoto has is no stranger to the hallways of Dover Japan. Spearheading the obscure gems of fashion is not just a pastime but a well-invested power move for him. From SHUKYU to AMBUSH, Mr. Sugimoto sets eyes for the APAC horizon, starting with the Loop. Mr. Sugimoto is chief of the tribe, and our compass in digital marketing culture.

Yvonne Chong

Yvonne Chong

Head of Acquisition
I was a film and animation student, majoring in visual effects. I became a sound engineer in Animonsta (Boboiboy) in hopes to learn the crafts of composition and audio engineering for 3 years. I followed operations to become a producer for a post-house, working with advertising as well as on motion pictures. I learned to deal with talents and clients from all walks of life in different backgrounds. Aside from that I was also a talent agent for hair academies and runway productions.

Kellie Kan

Kellie Kan

Head of Operations
Beyond being a of creative content and a creator myself, I recognised how crucial it is to encourage unnoticed talent and nurture new ones. With 5 years background in advertising, production, and communications, working against time and circumstance while turning them to my advantage has become second nature to me.

Azizam Hairiemir

Azizam Hairiemir

Head of Creative
I have rooted my life into expanding territories through new media and technology. Fashion is just another platform that I would love to elevate especially focusing in local talents. Coming from a high-technology background, I graduated in virtual reality construction. I have applied my content creation skills from small things such as screenwriting for the silver screen and visual effects, to more artistic expressions such as 3D mesh sculptures of local artists. I've also had the pleasure of running my own online entertainment hub from 2009 through 2011.