The Precedence

Beautiful Content Missing Exposure

Why were these made if no one is looking at them?

Designers that pour in effort to present immersive visual storytelling are left to gather dust on the web. Designer Tsyahmi produced a 7-minute fashion film that premiered on Elle, with only 200 views to date after more than half a year on the shelf. Viral documentaries such as TTFGA’s came to life only from the initiative of a student project, far away from the world of local fashion publication. Pearly Wong, has a hidden video with less than 50 views on her latest Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Visual: Tsyahmi – The Immortal’s Last Sigh (Elle Malaysia)

Left Undesired

The appreciation towards the artist will inspire them to create more. Visual: TTFGA, Pearly Wong.

A Fleeting Solution

Before we get left behind

Houses come and go. Without hammering a brand into the market presence, the name will die eventually. We want to hold these names in good faith with the respect their content should deserve.

As a start, the Loop will pursue to actively circulate and content provided by houses. We will serve a database for collections archiving. The next thing we pursue is to sustain the hub by feeding new collaborative content. We will work with the labels, photographers, talents, filmmakers, artists, and especially the audience themselves. Outside of the digital realm, the Loop intends to communicate physically through events such as industry panels, one-on-one masterclasses, and workshops.

Visual: Jonathan Liang – Elixirs (Less than 10 views on YouTube)